Municipal & industrial wastewater treatment plants

Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants purify wastewater. In the digestion towers, the bacteria and microorganisms present in the resulting sludge through a fermentation process convert part of the organic mass into digester gas, which after this process consists of approx. 60% methane.

Anaerobic technology is used to produce sewage gas or biogas, which is converted into green energy after treatment/storage/compression /drying.

Agricultural & industrial biogas plants

Both agricultural and industrial biogas plants produce biogas by fermenting biomass. This renewable energy source can subsequently be used to generate heat as well as electricity. We focus on the processing, storage and treatment of biogas, which can then be converted into electricity and heat through thermal utilization or fed into the public natural gas grid after upgrading (CH4 enrichment).

EnvironTec’s biogas equipment makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

Landfill degassing

The landfill gas produced in a landfill site is extracted using a degassing process and led to thermal utilization.

Controlled extraction of landfill gas is important to prevent methane from being released into the atmosphere. Landfill operators can thus actively contribute to climate protection.

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