Gas chiller GC

A gas chiller is required to remove moisture from the gas, as biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas in their saturated state always contain water vapour.

The condensation of the water vapour in the gas is caused by temperature reduction and thus leads to dehumidification. The condensate is separated in a trap downstream of the cooling system and then discharged via a siphon.

Simultaneusly, dehumidification achieves an increase in efficiency. The EnvironTec gas drying process represents a cost-effective solution for this. The gas drying modules can be supplied for output ranges from 100 to 6000 Nm3/h gas throughput. Special designs are also available on request.

In order to save energy, the gas drying system can be extended with an additional module consisting of an air cooler and tube exchanger.

  • Compact, split and special versions available (e.g. containers)
  • Condensate drainage via siphon or pressure-dependent with pump
  • Protection for gas engines and congeneration units
  • Easy operation
  • Gas-wetted components are made of 1.4404/1.4571 stainless steel 
  • Optional with reheating
  • Optional with pre-cooling to save energy

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