Biogas flare FAI

When operating biogas or sewage treatment plants, sometimes it is maybe necessary to burn excess gas safely (e.g. in the start-up phase or during repair work or malfunction of gas consumers).

The EnvironTec FAI biogas flare provides the operator with an automatically controlled, open/partially covered gas flare. Gas combustion takes place with a specially developed single-flame injector burner, which enables premixing of air and biogas.

After receiving the start signal from the system control unit, the automatic burner control unit opens the corresponding valves and simultaneously initiates the ignition sequence. The flame is continuously monitored by an UV sensor and a safety minimum pressure switch.

  • Simple installation
  • Manual/automatic control and ignition
  • Entirely made of stainless steel
  • Pickled in an immersion bath
  • Certified fittings (ATEX, DVGW)
  • Automatic valve with solenoid/motor drive
  • Made in Austria

You can read the exact product data in our PDF file, which you can download here for free.

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