Our company specializes in the development and production of gas technology components for a wide range of digester gas applications.

Based on our innovative strength and many years of experience, we offer our customers sophisticated solutions in the following areas:

Products from EnvironTec

Bio and sewage gas flare

We offer FAI biogas flares, FAII sewage gas flares and HTFA high-temperature biogas flares. These flares work fully automatically, are supplied plug-and-play and meet international standards.

Digester equipment


Digester equipment is equipment that is used in/on digestion towers and is necessary to generate digester gas and use it as an energy source in the further process.

EnvironTec is specialized in all those components that a digestion tower needs for safe operation. We have already implemented numerous projects in various countries.

EnvironTec supplies the following products to equip a digestion tower:

  • Roof manhole RMH
  • Double-tube heat exchanger WT
  • GD gas dome with hydraulic or mechanical overpressure/underpressure protection
  • SU spraying unit
  • Digester agitators
  • Inspection glass IG
  • Foam trap FT and FTII
  • Lateral manhole LMH / LMHII

Gas cleaning


Gas purification is an essential part of making biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas usable.

We at EnvironTec specialize in systems for the treatment of such gases.

Worldwide, professional and appropriate gas treatment is not only an important task in the field of environmental technology, it is also characterized by numerous challenges that need to be overcome with the right components.

Modern gas treatment with innovative solutions made in Austria.

Gas storage


We offer a wide range of gas storage variants, such as double membrane gasholders and pressureless gasholders.

As an international player in the field of environmental technology with worldwide export activities, our company offers a range of different gas storage variants in order to be able to supply a suitable solution for every order.

Gas compression

In the process of gas compression, the gas is compressed by mechanical action, which increases its density and pressure while reducing its volume.

For gas compression, EnvironTec supplies you with individual or replacement units from renowned international manufacturers for a throughput throughput capacity of 50 – 5000m³/h or pressures from a few millibars up to 0.5 bar.

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