Double membrane gasholder DM

A storage tank is used to store biogas and sewage gas. This container consists of two membranes. The outer membrane is a protective structure and is always under an overpressure required for structural integrity. The processes inside the storage tank can be observed at all times through a inspection glass built into the outer membrane.

The actually usable storage tank is the inner membrane. This membrane moves up or down depending on the filling level. In gas storage tanks with a foundation plate, the bottom membrane seals the storage space from the concrete foundation. The membranes are attached to the foundation using the anchor ring. An individual calculation is made for each storage tank (internal pressure, wind and snow loads). As a result, we select membranes with high or low tear resistance. The PVC-coated membranes are flame-resistant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, fungicide treated and fitted with extended UV protection.

To protect the membranes from the substances contained in the biogas (CH4, CO2, H2S, etc.), the inner and bottom membranes have a special coating.

As a safety measure, a pressure control valve, which regulates the operating pressure and closes automatically in the event of a minimum required overpressure (static stability, failure of the fan) in the outer membranes, is installed in the air system. This device ensures that the storage tank remains stable during gas production. The fill level gauging enables optimum utilisation of the storage volume and the control of the subsequent devices (e.g.: flare, motor, burner, etc.).

  • Cost-effective gas storage solution with a storage volume of up to 12,000 m3
  • With radar-level measurement
  • With low-maintenance and energy-efficient
    Support air blowers
  • With hydraulic overpressure protection
  • Short installation time
  • Optional with stand-by support air blower
  • Optional with gas warning system
  • Optional with pre-shaft equipment

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