Condensate pot CP

When sewage gas or biogas gets cooled it leads to formation of condensate water. Therefore, a condensate pot is used to remove the condensate from the biogas before it is processed further. Furthermore, if the condensate is not drained off it can lead to blockages at low points and to corrosion in the pipe sections.

The condensate removal is an important process which serves to ensure the efficiency of the system and to not minder the quality of the gas.

Condensate pots are usually installed directly in the pipeline, but can also be flange-mounted below the low-lying points of the pipeline. The condensed water is then collected at the bottom of the tank.

The condensate is drained either manually, using a ball valve, or automatically, using a siphon or an automatic condensate separator. Delivery is possible in various sizes and equipment variants (basic equipment, semi-automatic or fully automatic).

  • Effective removal and collection of condensate water
  • Large storage capacity
  • Low pressure loss
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional with automatic condensate separator
  • Optional with level indicator/inspection glass
  • Container are entirely made of 1.4404  stainless steel – pickled in an immersion bath
  • Made in Austria

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