Foam trap FT / FTII

During operation of digesters, foam may form in the gas compartment under certain circumstances (e.g. during mixing processes in the reactor, due to gas injection processes, disadvantageous composition of the digested sludge, temperature influence, etc.).

The modern EnvironTec foam trap can immediately detect the formation of foam and effectively prevent it from entering the gas extraction system.

The interior of the foam trap body is continuously monitored by a photo-optical system or optionally by a conductive rod probe. If the foam formed in the gas compartment rises into the monitored area, it is detected and the cleaning nozzles are automatically and immediately activated.

A spray curtain is used to keep the foam in the foam trap and prevent it from penetrating into the gas pipe system. The deposited foam falls directly back into the reactor chamber or, in the case of the FTII, leaves the system via the siphon into the septic tank outflow shaft.

Delivery is possible in various equipment variants (basic equipment, semi-automatic or fully automatic, as well as including signal output to the control system).

Two types of installation available:

  • FT version for installation on a manhole / gas dome of a reactor
  • FT II version as “stand alone” version for field installation
  • Detecting and combating foam formation in the gas extraction dome
  • Prevents foam from entering the gas system
  • Returning the foam to the reactor chamber
  • With integrated cleaning nozzles
  • Optional with fully automatic equipment 
  • ATEX-compliant sensors
  • Connection option for overpressure/underpressure protection
  • Entirely made of stainless steel 1.4571 – pickled inside and outside in an immersion bath

You can read the exact product data in our PDF file, which you can download here for free.

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