Biogas-/biomethane flare FAII

The EnvironTec FAII gas flare series provides the operator with an automatically functioning, safe and low-emission gas flare .

The flame is continuously monitored by an UV sensor.

As standard, the FAII is equipped with integrated automatic gas burner control in accordance with EN 746-2. Gas combustion takes place with a specially developed multi-flame injector burner, which enables premixing of air-biogas, resulting in safer, more stable, less noisy and concealed combustion.

The FAII flare can be equipped on request with additional accessories such as pressure control, pilot burner system, electric valve heating or temperature monitoring.

  • Low-noise & low-pollutant according to DWA-M 305
  • almost completely concealed combustion according to TA-Luft
  • Optional flare model FAIIv: for fully concealed combustion in accordance with TA-Luft
  • Fully automatic control, flame monitoring and ignition device, based on automatic gas burner control, in accordance with EN 746-2
  • Certified fittings (ATEX, DVGW)
  • Entirely made of stainless steel
  • Configuration for higher H2S content on request
  • Made in Austria

You can read the exact product data in our PDF file, which you can download here for free.

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