Ceramic fine filter FF

A ceramic fine filter is used for the fine purification of sewage gas and biogas. This allows fine particles ≥8μm and condensate mist to be separated out, so that a largely foreign substance-free gas is available for further utilization.

The EnvironTec fine filters are equipped with filter candles made of Pantel (special fireclay). The gas flows through the filter candles from the outside to the inside, and the foreign substances are thereby deposited on the outer wall. The used filter material is chemically resistant, has a high filter performance with low pressure loss and is easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner.

  • Separation of very fine substances and moisture from biogas/sewage gas
  • Low pressure loss
  • Easy cleaning thanks to removable filter elements
  • Differential pressure measurement and automatic condensate drainage is optional
  • Entirely made of 1.4404 stainless steel – pickled in an immersion bath
  • Made in Austria

You can read the exact product data in our PDF file, which you can download here for free.

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