Lateral manhole LMHII

Lateral manhole LMHII The EnvironTec lateral manhole LMHII ensures quick and easy opening / closing of the manhole lid by means of an optional swivel device. During the construction phase of digester gas tanks, but also during operation as well as for conversion work a safe and easy access to the inside of the tank must […]

Lateral manhole LMH

Lateral manhole LMH The EnvironTec lateral manhole LMH ensures quick and easy opening/closing of the manhole cover by means of spindle lock.  During the construction phase of digester gas tanks, but also during operation and for conversion work, safe and easy access to the inside of the tank must be provided. This requires the lateral entry and exit […]

SU spraying unit

SU spraying unit During operation of digesters, under certain circumstances, the formation of sludge islands floating on the surface of the digested sludge or or of entire floating layers is possible. The EnvironTec spraying unit can be used to effectively combat the formation of floating layers without opening the tank, with the aim of propelling […]

Heat exchanger WT

HE heat exchanger Our double-tube heat exchangers are used for heat exchange in biogas plants and sewage treatment plants. The medium is heated evenly by means of an energy-efficient counterflow process and fed back into the process flow. The design and construction is customized, which guarantees a cost-effective and efficient design. Our heat exchanger is […]

Inspection glass IG

Inspection glass IG An inspection glass is used for  simple and unhindered observation of the processes inside digesters (e.g. formation of floating layers). The EnvironTec inspection glass system can be integrated into a manhole lid or gas dome or simply installed in the reactor roof or outer wall using a separate insert. EnvironTec inspection glasses […]

Foam trap FT/FTII

Foam trap FT / FTII During operation of digesters, foam may form in the gas compartment under certain circumstances (e.g. during mixing processes in the reactor, due to gas injection processes, disadvantageous composition of the digested sludge, temperature influence, etc.). The modern EnvironTec foam trap can immediately detect the formation of foam and effectively prevent […]

Hydraulic safety valve CHV

Hydraulic safety valve CHV A hydraulic safety valve limits the gas pressure in the fermenter with regard to overpressure and underpressure. As the digestion towers required for the production of biogas must be gas-tight to prevent air contact and gas leaks, a safety device is required which blows off gas when the gas outlet is […]

Gas dome GD

Gas dome GD A gas dome is a component of the digestion tower positioned above the digested sludge, with the purpose of allowing the digested gas to escape in a controlled manner. The EnvironTec gas dome or gas-hood is designed and manufactured specifically to each customer requirement and can be supplied in a wide variety […]

Roof manhole RMH

Roof manhole RMH A roof manhole is an opening in the roof that is required for carrying out repair and inspection work and for transporting bulky equipment in and out of the fermenters . With the EnvironTec RMH roof manhole  we have developed a robust yet inexpensive manhole construction that is both sufficiently large and easy […]