Condensate pot CP

Condensate pot CP When sewage gas or biogas gets cooled it leads to formation of condensate water. Therefore, a condensate pot is used to remove the condensate from the biogas before it is processed further. Furthermore, if the condensate is not drained off it can lead to blockages at low points and to corrosion in […]

Gas chiller GC

Gas chiller GC A gas chiller is required to remove moisture from the gas, as biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas in their saturated state always contain water vapour. The condensation of the water vapour in the gas is caused by temperature reduction and thus leads to dehumidification. The condensate is separated in a trap […]

Ceramic fine filter FF

Ceramic fine filter FF A ceramic fine filter is used for the fine purification of sewage gas and biogas. This allows fine particles ≥8μm and condensate mist to be separated out, so that a largely foreign substance-free gas is available for further utilization. The EnvironTec fine filters are equipped with filter candles made of Pantel […]

Activated carbon filter ACF

Activated carbon filter ACF An activated carbon filter is used to remove hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and other organic impurities from the biogas. This is important because these substances reduce the quality of the biogas and cause damage to gas engines or processing plants. With the EnvironTec activated carbon filter these impurities can be reduced, thus […]

Gravel filter GF

Gravel filter GF A gravel filter is used to purify biogas and sewage gas. With the EnvironTec gravel filter, we ensure a simple coarse purification of biogas and sewage gas. During this process, the gas flows through a gravel filter layer and thereby dirt, foam, as well as condensate drops get separated out. The EnvironTec […]

Biological gas purification BDS

Biological gas purification BDS Biological gas purification is the process of purifying the biogas without chemical additives. Therefore, it represents an interesting option compared to chemical alternatives with high operating costs.  Biogas and landfill gas always contain a proportion of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Said portion of H2S is usually in the range of 1,000 to  […]